The Eight Day – Fruity Fondues

The Eight Day – Fruity Fondues

The Eight Day – Fruity Fondues


🎁 Fruity fondues are like mini fruit kebabs that are dipped in melted chocolate. Traditionally, families make a platter, hand out a skewer to the children and during the Christmas celebrations the children run around and dip it into the chocolate fountains. This tends to fuel them up as they play through the day. Fondue is a French creation and I find this fun as we actually have a chocolate fountain to play around with it.

Fruity fondue is great for when family and friends sit down, socialise and bond at special occasions. Especially during the Christmas holidays. The selection of fruits for the skewer is solely up to you. If you have a chocolate fountain, it doubles up as a nice decoration for the table too. If not, you can also make your own melted chocolate. You could keep the fruits prepped and ready or allow guests to make some themselves. Fruity fondues can be eaten as a dessert or as a snack throughout Christmas day.

👉 Fruity Fondue

  • 650g mixed fruits – kiwi, strawberry, banana, blueberries or any fruit of choice
  • 1 cup Milk chocolate
  • 2 tbsp Veg Oil
  • 100 gm Marshmallows

🎄 Method:

Thread the fruits onto wooden skewers. Melt the milk chocolate and oil on a low heat in the microwave and transfer to a small serving bowl. Serve the kebabs on a platter melted chocolate for dipping and get everyone to dig in.


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