Christmas 2020

The Tenth Day – Rum Balls

🎁 Hey guys! It’s the BIG 10 and today’s recipe is completely inspired by Aunty Bridget White-Kumar, the best Anglo-Indian chef in the world. Her recipes are really great and easy to do. So, last evening, after my dad and I had a chat with her on Facebook Live, we asked her if she had […]

The Eight Day – Fruity Fondues

🎁 Fruity fondues are like mini fruit kebabs that are dipped in melted chocolate. Traditionally, families make a platter, hand out a skewer to the children and during the Christmas celebrations the children run around and dip it into the chocolate fountains. This tends to fuel them up as they play through the day. Fondue […]

The Seventh Day – Churro Donuts.

🎁 Traditional Spanish churros are usually eaten with cinnamon sugar or dipped in chocolate. This is a holiday favourite because, not only everyone indulges in a steamy cup of thick chocolate, dipping the thin, drop-shaped churros into the hot concoction, but since it’s usually a family get together, grandparents teach the children how to make […]

The Sixth Day – Jell-O cups

🎁 Jell-O cups are a year-round favourite but work so well during Christmas festivities. Also, for all of you who love rainbows, this is one beautiful treat that ticks all the right boxes. We used six different colours to represent the six days of Christmas and Family we have celebrated thus far. Jell-o represents the […]